LETTER: Many mail-in ballots weren’t counted

We continue to see print and internet articles stating there is no evidence of voter fraud due to mail-in elections. During the recent Nevada primary election, a total of 12,366 ballots statewide required a signature “cure” as a result of a missing signature or one that did not match the one filed with election officials. Of those, 5,617 were successfully cured, or resolved through follow-up. That left 6,749 ballots unable to be counted because voters did not complete the curing process, according to the Nevada secretary of state’s office.

While some of these 6,749 uncounted ballots may have remained un-cured for innocent reasons, isn’t this evidence of thousands of attempts at voter fraud? And who are you going to try to prosecute for this attempted fraud, since there is no evidence of who actually forged the signature on the ballot?

To maintain the integrity of the vote, the Democrat lawsuit to eliminate signature verification and allow vote harvesting must not be allowed to affect our November election.