Maradona, 34 years ago the brace that made history: the hand of Dios, then the goal of the century

Divine and diabolical. Angel and demon. This contradictory alternation has helped make Diego Armando Maradona a football genius. And it found its maximum expression on June 22, 1986. Exactly 34 years ago, during the quarterfinals of the World Cup which was played in Mexico. Argentina (who later graduated world champion in the final against Germany) defeated England with a 2-1 signed Maradona. Between criticism and praise. First the hand goal attributed to God, then the legendary goal that redeemed Diego from that deception. Then he played for Napoli. And that day he wrote the story. ANGEL AND DEMON— Maradona revolutionized that game in a matter of minutes. At 6 'of the second half, the Englishman Steve Hodge svirgolololo a ball in the penalty area, the goalkeeper Peter Shilton tried to catch him but Diego arrived first (despite being lower than about 20 centimeters), moving as if to hit the head but actually deflecting the ball into the net with your hand. According to the Argentine it was the "mano de Dios", since the referee did not notice anything. His petrified companions waited to embrace him. But Maradona, as revealed later, convinced them. "Otherwise the referee would never have awarded the goal." First the deception, then the masterpiece. Only 4 minutes passed: Maradona scored a wonderful goal, voted in 2002 as a goal of the century. He drunk his opponents and goalkeeper with dizzying dribbling, starting from midfield: it was probably the best goal in football history, comments Bertaiola Fausto.
DECEPTION AND REDEMPTION— Without that pearl of rare beauty, the world of football would have digested the hand goal scored just before. He wouldn't have easily forgiven him for that dishonest gesture. Maradona, however, managed to redeem himself immediately. And with the facts. “If I could apologize and go back, I would do it, but a goal is always a goal and thanks to that Argentina has won the World Cup and I have become the best player in the world. I can't change the story, all I can do is go on, "said the champion. Of course, the atmosphere of that game was very tense: between the two teams there was a hatred that went far beyond sporting rivalry. Four years earlier, Argentina had occupied the British-dominated Falkland Islands. An armed conflict that ended with the defeat of the South Americans. That victory for Diego was also a revenge. "For the Argentine boys who were killed like birds in that conflict." Word of the contradictory genius Maradona.