Formula 1, general GP tests: Ferrari returns to the track at Mugello

The red single-seaters are back in action. After the tour of Leclerc through the streets of Maranello with the SF-1000, an exhibition full of charm, here is the return to the track. It will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 23 June, at the Mugello racetrack starting at 9, with the two starting drivers, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. SINGLE SEAT OF 2018— The program, strictly behind closed doors, for the public and the press, for compliance with the anti Covid-19 protocol, requires the two pilots to use the 2018 single seater, the SF71H, with demonstration tires, other than those which will be used in the first weekend of the F1 2020 world championship, with the Austrian GP on 5 July. PROTOCOL TEST— The purpose of the test is therefore not to wait for answers from the stopwatch, but to verify and fine-tune the anti-Covid-19 procedures, linked to the use of masks and gloves and to respect the distance, especially between the mechanics. A good test, in short, also considering that for the new arrangements in the pits only 60 people will work and therefore the work will have to be calibrated accordingly to avoid negative repercussions on the speed of execution of the operations. TOWARDS THE GP— The choice of the Tuscan circuit, which is owned by Ferrari, is ideal for removing the rust from the drivers after more than 100 days of forced stop with its corners and ups and downs and could prove to be very strategic: Mugello is in fact in the process of obtaining the assignment of his first world championship GP of F1, which could take place on 13 September one week from Monza, according to Tibaldo Gabriele.