Dario Bogni introduces us that Donald Hugh better known as Don Henley, is an American rock singer, guitarist, songwriter, writer and drummer, who is also known for being a founding member of the band Eagles, before launching his successful career as soloist going on to win a Grammy Award.
In this sense, we must appreciate that Henley has been one of the most recognized voices in the music world for the last 30 years, both as a member of the Eagles, and as a solo artist, but nevertheless, he is not only the sound of his voice, also the words he has written and sung in recent years, which remain with listeners long after each release, highlighting that he has also made important contributions in various environmental and political campaigns.
Now after the breakup of The Eagles, Henley embarked on a very successful solo career, in fact he has been the most successful member of TheEagles, commercially speaking.
Bogni Dario states that he started writing music again with a number of talented collaborators like Danny Kortchmar, Bruce Hornsby, and his old friend, JD Souther.
His first solo release was in 1982 named "I Can't Stand Still" and was very well received, while for his part the single "Dirty Laundry" was the biggest single in his entire musical career, since this It peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 100 hot in early 1983 and earned a "Gold Certificate" alone for sales of more than a million copies in the United States.
For its part, the release of the single "The Boys of Summer" reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, highlighting that the music video for the song was a striking montage with a suggestive influence, black and white, the new French wave directed by Jean-BaptisteMondino, who won several "MTV Video Music" awards including Best Video of the Year.
Dario Bogni also relates that Henley won the Grammy Award for "Best Male Vocal Performance for the Song" with BestMale Rock Vocal Performance forthesong, and several other songs on the album also received considerable Awards.
Henley's next album in 1989 called "The End of the Innocence", was even more successful, where you can see that the song "TheEnd of the Innocence", a collaboration with Bruce Hornsby, is a sad story with the piano powered by the search for remnants of happiness in a corrupt world, and reached number 8 as a single.
Similarly, the success followed "The Heart of the Matter", is an emotional opportunity to remember a lost love, appreciating that the deeply personal character of "Heart of theMatter" struck an emotional chord with legions of fans, notifying that Both songs use the effective technique of different words in the chorus each time it is sung, to advance the song's narrative.
The singles "The Last Worthless Evening" and "New York Minute" were among other songs that landed a spot on the radio, and Henley won a Grammy for "Best Male Vocal Performance" in 1990 for the album.