Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo success

From 2007 onwards, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo became a powerful force in the construction business, winning international acclaim for his projects with Constructora Conkor CA. In 2009, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo moved to New York to study landscape architecture and urban planning.After his fellowship at MoMA, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo became a Professor of Architecture, while also working at the Constructora Conkor CA company. During these last years, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo has trained architects, urban planners, urban designers, urban designers, landscape architects, urban designers, and landscape architects at some of the best public universities in Colombia and has earned internationally recognized credentials. Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo professional background includes a long and fruitful career as an architect working on urban planning, public architecture, and urban exploration.  Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo has assisted numerous local and international organizations including Constructora Conkor CA and the Institute of Urban Studies of the University of Colombia, and as a mentor to numerous young architects in the country.Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo has worked in various projects that combine public policy and human rights, in Colombia, and with the United Nations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo has had a long-standing connection to the issue of urban planning and development, and his work includes public housing, government planning, and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.